Who are we?

In 2020, a vision was born with the creation of our centre by Dr Schmitz. Since then, in response to the growing number of patients from all over the world and building on our successes, our team has continued to grow, reflecting a diversity of expertise all centred around a holistic approach to medicine.

Your journey to our clinic, sometimes from considerable distances, is a reflection of your desire for alternative medicine that resonates with your individual needs. In this hyper-connected world, word of mouth spreads fast, and you've heard about our successes over the years.

Many of you, having travelled a long road strewn with medical disappointments, have come face to face with the limitations of traditional allopathic medicine, especially when dealing with chronic illnesses. While allopathic medicine is vital in emergency situations, it is less effective for prolonged illnesses, often offering only painkillers, anti-inflammatories or antidepressants without offering any lasting remission.

But it is here, within these walls, that your medical wanderings find a glimmer of hope. Our vision of medicine is both respectful of tradition and innovative in its approach. Inspired by the wisdom of the Greek physician Parmenides, we firmly believe that :

"Give nature half a chance and she'll do the rest".

By simply supporting the body's intrinsic ability to heal, we offer lasting solutions.

While our primary passion embraces a broad spectrum of diseases, integrative oncology is playing an increasingly important role in our concerns and interventions. This convergence of traditional medicine and natural approaches, particularly in the fight against cancer, represents a promising horizon for us.

Our carefully trained team reflects this vision. Comprising not only doctors and nurses, but also physiotherapists, osteopaths, psychologists, naturopaths, nutritherapists and massage therapists, we strive to offer holistic therapy. Each member has been selected not only for their expertise, but also for their vision of natural medicine, which is perfectly aligned with our convictions.

By choosing us, you are not giving up allopathic medicine, but enriching it with natural approaches that offer almost infinite possibilities. We ensure that each treatment is individualised, constantly evolving according to your needs, while being supported by the benevolent eye of our entire team.

So, when you walk through the doors of our centre, know that you are not just embarking on another form of treatment, but that you are being welcomed by a dedicated team, ready to walk alongside you on the road to recovery.